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Percisa Co.  Switzerland  

Producer of different kinds of precise Laboratory and Industrial balances, Moisture Analyzers, Foam Measuring density Kit, rubber and plastics, pH meter , Ash measurement Unit, etc.

Tinius Olsen Co.  England

Producer of different Stretch Tests Vertical and Horizontal Models for Testing Tension, Compression, Adhesion, Flexture, Shear and Tear for Rubbers, Plastics, Foams, Textiles, Fibres, Metals (Wire, Sheets….) Wood , Glue ,Spring etc.

Hildebrand Co.  Germany  

Producer of different kinds of Rubber Hardness testers, Plastic and Foam on Shore base, IRHD Hardness Tester and etc.

Kendro, Hereaus Co.  Germany  

Producer Laboratory equipments such as of different Simple Ovens, with fan and Vacuum Heating, Programmable, Ageing Oven for Rubber, Simple Incubator and Cooler system Incubator, Laboratory Fridge, different kinds of Centrifuges and Laboratory Furnaces with different capacities and degrees to 1700c.

Bibby Sterilin Co.  England  

Producer of Science equipments, Single use plastics, Laboratory glassware, Volumetric glassware and Stopcocks equipments , One time and Two times Distilled water Units, Hot Plates, Vacuum Distilled Unit, Shakers  and etc.

Witeg Co.  Germany  

Producers and distributors of Laboratory equipments such as Glass Ware and Consuming products.

Matest Co.  Italy  

One of the leading designers and producers of Material Testing Equipments for Aggregates, Rocks, Cement ,Mortar, Concrete, Soils, Bituminous, Asphalt and Steels.


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