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IRHD = International Rubber Hardness Degree

The MICRO IRHD SYSTEM provides hardness readings on elastomers according to MICRO IRHD Recommended specimen thickness is 1 to 5 mm. It complies to international standards such as ISO 48 and ASTM D 1415. The MICRO IRHD SYSTEM is a hardness testing machine controlled by a Hildebrand MS-Windows software.

2 weights are automatically lowered and raised. Thus this system eliminates operator errors while testing. Specimen are positioned on the support table The table automatically drives to the measuring head. The minor load is automatically lowered to the indenter. This position of the indenter represents 100 MICRO IRHD. The major load is lowered now. The penetration of the indenter is digitally measured after 30 seconds and converted into MICRO IRHD UNITS.

The Hildebrand MICRO IRHD software checks and controls the operation of the system. The software is working under MS-Windows and offers unique features. The hardness value, graph, hysteresis, statistics, test report, label printing are only a few features of this software. An ASCII-output file is provided. All data are transmitted to the IRHD Controller, which is connected to the RS 232 interface of the computer.

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Model HD3000 

Durometer Model HD3000 is our standard model. The gauge features a full-sized non-reflective dial face for readability accuracy of 112 point. The durometer conforms to DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240. Model HD3000 offers maximum accuracy available in a dial model gauge at minimum cost.


  • Conform to DIN, ISO and ASTM

  • Drag pointer available

  • Large dial surface

  • Full 360` dial

  • Superior 112 point accuracy

  • Ergonomic handhold design

Model HD3000 is designed for handheld applications or for use in combination with our Hildebrand Operating Stand Model OS-2.

Delivered with:

  • Custom made carrying case

  • Proprietary Calibration Certificate issued by Hildebrand

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Model HD3000 Picture

Model OS-2 

The Hildebrand Durometer Operating Stand Model OS-2 allows for accurate and repeatable Durometer readings. It rules out subjective test errors, which may be caused by differing load application forces or non-vertical application of the Durometer to the test piece.

The Durometer Operating Stand works on the constant load principle. The sample is positioned on the support table. The Durometer is lowered shock-free by means of a manually operated lever. The hardness value can be read directly from the Durometer.

The stable Durometer-unit consists of Aluminium. Due to the low weight the Durometer-unit can be easily adjusted in height. Small and big samples can be tested in the Durometer Operating Stand.

A crash ring - mounted on the column - eliminates a crash between Durometer and support table, when lifting or lowering the Durometer-unit.

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Model OS-2 Picture

Model HDD-1 

The Hildebrand Digital Durometer Model HDD-1 is our latest innovation for checking the hardness of rubber, plastics and other non-metallic surfaces. The durometer conforms to DIN 535051 ISO 868 ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240.


  • Conform to DIN, ISO and ASTM

  • Superior 1/2 point accuracy

  • Ergonomic handhold design

  • Large LCD

  • Time set-up from 1 .... 99 s

  • ¬†Resolution 0.1

  • AUTO-OFF-function

  • HOLD-function

  • Measurement memory

  • Low battery warning

  • Data port: Opto-RS 232

  • Connected directly to your PC for data transfer to Hildebrand Digital Durometer Software HDDS

  • Batteries CR 2450

The model HDD-1 is designed for handheld applications or for use with our Operating Stand Model OS-2

Delivered with:

  • Custom made carrying case

  • Proprietary Calibration Certificate issued by Hildebrand

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Model HDD-1 Picture

Center Device 

The Center Device with sample holder fully automatically cooperates with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. This fixture is designed to measure O-Rings and round style parts.

For each sample you need a sample holder. Each sample holder has an identification number. The identification number is keyed into the MICRO IRHD software. An integrated electric motor is driving the measuring table to the exact position of the measuring axis. The machine is now measuring the sample. After the first measuring the sample holder can be rotated to measure at a different spot.


  • System enables exact measuring at the measuring axis i.e. the highest point of the sample

  • Measuring table movement: 27 mm

  • Custom designed sample holders are available

  • Measuring table dimensions 84 mm x 150 mm

  • Fully automatic measuring cycle

  • Easy to operate

  • Reference position of the measuring table

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Center Device Picture

Test Blocks 

This kit will prove to be invaluable in helping to maintain durometer read-out accuracy for science, manufacturing, research and development.

The test kit consists of 7 test blocks. The individual test blocks are provided with serial numbers to guarantee incontestable identification. The hardness values are ranging from 30 durometer to 90 durometer type A.

As a reference check, it will indicate if a durometer is operating within tolerances. A durometer should never be calibrated with test blocks. For durometer calibration we recommend our Durometer Calibrator Model RC- 1. The material from which the test blocks are made is fairly stable, however, it is strongly recommended that the calibration of the test blocks be verified annually.

  • 7 test blocks size approx. 54 mm x 54 mm x 8 mm

Test Blocks type D:

Three test blocks with hardness values of approx. 60, 75 and 85 type D are available for testing durometer type D. An annual calibration of the test block is strongly recommended.

  • One Test Block approx. DIA. 51 mm x 9.5 mm

  • Custom made carrying case

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