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Water Stills without storage tank 

2 models (bench units) for 2 und 4 litres per hour.
Distillate quality complies with international pharmacopia requirements, bacteria and pyrogen free, minimal gassing;
conductively approx. 2.3µ-siemens /cm at 20°C.
Evaporator made of stainless steel, materia no 1.4301, easily accessible by removing the condeser.

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Water Stills  without storage tank Picture

Glass Water Stills for single and double distillation 

3 models(fully automatic) for single distillation,
2,4 and 8 litres per hour,
2 models(fully automatic)for single distillation,
2 and 4 litres per hour.
construction suitable for both bench and wall mounting.

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Glass Water Stills for single and double distillation Picture

Deep Freezers Storage System 

The GFL storage system is flexibly structured.
Optimised utilization of the storage space is achived using racks for boxes, microtiter and DeepWeel plates, thus reducing the costs per samples that are stored.

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Deep Freezers Storage System Picture

Deep Freezers from GFL -enjoying success 

The GFL Deep Freezer programme includes Chest and Upright Freezers with capacities ranging from 30 to 500 litres volume. There are 12 Chest Freezers with six diffrent volumes, respectively, for Upright Freezers having two diffrent storage volumes.
Both of these product groups are designed for temperatures of 0°C to -40°C, or -50°C to -85°C in an ambient temperature of up to +28°C.

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Deep Freezers from GFL -enjoying success Picture

Micro-Rockwell Hardness tester 2000MRT  

State-of-the-art closed loop tecnology for loads 500gf and 1000gf
Hardness tester
MicroRockwell indenter
Hardness reference block
Operator manual

Diffrent configurations for integration with outomationsystems are avalible to satisfy your needs. Please contact our sales department for advice

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Micro-Rockwell Hardness tester 2000MRT  Picture

Universal Hardness"Pcket Testor" 

Handheld dynamic metal hardness tester WHU-300 with hardness conversions

Main unit with integrated impact device type D
Testblock with HLD- value
2* AAA battery 1.5V

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Universal Hardness


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