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Compression Tester 3000kN Capacity 

This oversized isostatic high stability stiffness frame grants extreme performances and is the ideal for central and research laboratories for tests on high strength specimens, explosive samples, rock and ceramic samples, etc.
Tchnical Specification
- High stiffness frame: 0,9mm/3000kN
- Four chromed colums dia. 150 mm
- Compression platens dia. 316 x 60 mm

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Laboratory Ovens 

Laboratory purpose double-walled ovens, specially designed for drying, baking, conditioning and moisture determination.
“Both internal chamber and the exterior are stainless steel made”. Insulation is obtained with 60 mm thick glass fibres. Complete with two stainless steel shelves that can be positioned at various heights, analogue thermostat for temperature setting, on/off switch, pilot light.

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Mixer 5 litres capacity 

Same to mod. E094 but equipped also of safety guards to 89/392/ CEE Directives. Note: The proper utilization of the mixers mod. E094 and E095 requires to heat the bowl with the bituminous sample at the temperature specified by the standards. To this purpose a common laboratory oven is used, and the sample mixing (time: approx 2 minutes) is carried out immediately after having taken off the bowl from the oven. As an alternative to this procedure the heaters mod. B028-01 and B028-02 can be used.

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Marshall digital 30 kN load frame 

The testing frame is the same as for mod. B042, but the load is measured by an electric cell with high precision strain transducers; the flow is measured by a displacement transducer 50 mm stroke and ± 0,1% linearity. The digital display unit with microprocessor (technical details: see mod. B044, pag. 46) measures and displays at the same time the stability in kN and the flow in mm with pick hold features with the possibility to transfer them to a PC and a printer through a RS232 port.

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Marking-off machine 

Automatic, motorised
Used to mark off specimens with round, square shape and with improved bond for the measurement of the percentage elongation after their breaking, in accordance with the Standards. The machine can mark specimens as follows:
- Round from 4 mm up to 50 mm. diameter.
- Flat from 4 mm. up to 50 mm thickness.
- Square from 4 mm. to 45 mm. side. Useful length 300 mm.

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Microprocessor 2 channels digital display with printer 

It provides the automatic control of load on compression machines or appliances using a pressure transducer or a load cell; highly recommended to renew the control system of your compression machines.
Alphanumerical LCD display with 16 characters
Membrane keyboard with 8 pushbuttons
Epson printer model 32T with paper 57,5 mm. width
Connector for analogical channel
RS232 port
CPU card complete with:
Motorola 68332 microprocessor – 20 MHz.
A/D Converter 65535 points, double direction Transducer (load cell) supply outlet 5 V

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